Spinning silks

Spinning silks is a unique aerial equipment developed by  award winning aerialistsStarfiz aerial duoLeyla Rees and Katie Hardwick. Spinning silks is fantastic act for a centrepiece for event entertainment, film or Tv or live events.  Spinning silks is an individual circus act which allows the performers to intertwine and soar above you, a beautiful and classic cirque act. 


"This act is so daring and exciting! A whirling vortex of grace and beauty… A really unique act that I’d recommend to anyone wanting stunning aerial performance with a twist."

- Aniela Zaba, Creative Brain.

Winners of The Emma Insely Creation fund, Starfiz created a unique act Spinning Silks. This is a spectacular act that creates a dramatic centrepiece as the silks billow from beneath Leyla and Katie's sculptural aerial dance.  

Spinning Silks is available from single point rigging at minimum 6m height x 4.5m diameter floor space. 

See Technical requirements and frequently asked questions here. 

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