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Leyla is an international circus artist and dancer. She specialises in aerial performance on silks, hoop, wire work and dance. Providing tightly choreographed routines ideal for corporate events, weddings, theatre shows, product launches and large scale events. 


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The latest projects, events and aerial acrobatic performances that Leyla has been up to. Documenting the circus performing life of Leyla and where she is currently performing in shows, cabarets and corporate events. 

Lab time - TRAILS - FILM by Leyla Rees

Leyla Rees

Leyla was extremely excited to be awarded some LABTIME  funding from the National Centre of Circus Arts in London. She had written an application to make a art film and  was awarded 4 days of space in The Creation Studio in Hoxton. She worked with Ella Robson Guilfoyle to bring her concepts into a reality through movement. They worked together to choreograph Leyla in a solo piece with movement on the floor and on a single aerial hoop.  It was a fantastic opportunity for Leyla to get back into her practice of working in a processed and layered way, drawing on her training at Central St Martin's School of Art and Design.  Leyla also worked with Fionn Guilfoyle who filmed the entire piece. The piece is currently in edit now, and without giving away any of the concepts here is a tiny piece of behind the scenes footage. 

Leyla cannot wait to see the final result! 

A huge thank you to everyone involved... 

Metta theatre for loan of the lights 

National Centre of Circus Arts.

Mark Rees 

Ella Robson Guilfoyle 

Fionn Guilfoyle 

Liz Wickham