Leyla Rees


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8 Battledean Rd
London, N5 1UZ
United Kingdom


Leyla is an international circus artist and dancer. She specialises in aerial performance on silks, hoop, wire work and dance. Providing tightly choreographed routines ideal for corporate events, weddings, theatre shows, product launches and large scale events. 


aerial performance blog

The latest projects, events and aerial acrobatic performances that Leyla has been up to. Documenting the circus performing life of Leyla and where she is currently performing in shows, cabarets and corporate events. 

Flying Jellyfish!

Leyla Rees

Floating Jellyfish! Leyla performed with Katie Hardwick and Clare Anderson for Viva aerial in their Jellyfish harness costumes. The event was an Ibiza themed party in Old Billingsgate with beautiful lighting and comfortable seating. Leyla was suspended in a harness and floated up and down, touching the ground and then twirling back up to the ceiling as a Jellyfish. The perfect ambient set.