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Leyla is an international circus artist and dancer. She specialises in aerial performance on silks, hoop, wire work and dance. Providing tightly choreographed routines ideal for corporate events, weddings, theatre shows, product launches and large scale events. 


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The latest projects, events and aerial acrobatic performances that Leyla has been up to. Documenting the circus performing life of Leyla and where she is currently performing in shows, cabarets and corporate events. 

Well - Metta Theatre

Leyla Rees

Leyla has spent September working with Metta Theatre on their production of Well.  

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"2013. Asha’s hands shake as her sister Arundhati folds her wedding sari around her. 1973. Anjali hangs from a silk, her life pouring out of her. A well is drilled. Clean water. 40 years later, and her daughter now hangs in the balance."

Leyla played Asha the main character alongside, Lindsay Butcher and Shreya Kumar. Working with Filipe Gomes amazing soundscape the piece was a mixture of classical Indian dance and contemporary circus. Leyla and Lindsay were joint aerial choreographers and the show premiered at Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds.   

"Performed with skill, dexterity and poise" - Russell Cook - EADT 

If you missed the performance this time round, we will be performing at Luton Hat Factory on the 6th December 2013 to BOOK ONLINE here. 


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