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Leyla is an international circus artist and dancer. She specialises in aerial performance on silks, hoop, wire work and dance. Providing tightly choreographed routines ideal for corporate events, weddings, theatre shows, product launches and large scale events. 


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aerial performance blog

The latest projects, events and aerial acrobatic performances that Leyla has been up to. Documenting the circus performing life of Leyla and where she is currently performing in shows, cabarets and corporate events. 

Bierfest performance

Leyla Rees

Leyla aerial hoop elbow BF.jpg

Leyla performed at Bierfest 2015 in Old Billingsgate on the aerial sphere and silks as part of Starfiz and then her own solo hoop routine. She performed all sets to a live band in front of the 2000 guests of The Bierfest. It was a really fun event lasting over two days where many wigs and beers surrounded the tables. The band were dressed as Day of the Dead characters and the aerial performances were choreographed to their set. 

Wilderness Festival! Starfiz perform their aerial sphere act

Leyla Rees

Starfiz perform their Aerial Sphere act in the Spiegel tent at Wilderness Festival 2015. Leyla and Katie had the pleasure of performing at Wilderness festival this year in the beautiful Spiegel tent which has old wooden panelling and stained glass. The festival was headlined by Bjork and had so many interesting and beautiful performances throughout, it was a honour to be part of it. Thank you to Secret Productions for having us. 


Leyla wins a Guinness World record with An Act above

Leyla Rees

Leyla was honoured to take part in the The World Record attempt with An Act Above, Mace and Private drama as the most amount of aerialists to perform a synchronised aerial silks routine at one time. They managed to crack the record the first time! It was a great experience and a big thanks to Desiree for all the rehearsals. The event was held at Old Billingsgate in London earlier this year!

Leyla performs at The Hurlingham Club - Grand Prix Ball

Leyla Rees

Leyla really enjoyed performing aerial silks from a crane supplied by Lee lifting for Black Fire Agency for The Grand Prix Ball at The Hurlingham club in London. Leyla then featured as the closing act as she rose to the top of the crane suspended by a harness and set of pyrotechnics to the musical finale. 

Leyla is now on Twitter @leylaaerial

Leyla Rees

Leyla has finally started a twitter account dedicated to her performing and training as a circus performer and dancer.  Please follow her for her latest updates and news! 


Leyla Rees

Leyla has been busy editing Starfiz's NEW aerial sphere showreel, filmed as part of Brighton's Fringe Festival. Starfiz were featured in the Festival's trailer but also were lucky enough to get some beautiful footage of the act as well. The aerial sphere is a UNIQUE and NEW prop that spins ferociously whilst Katie and Leyla bend around each other as the lift and twirl. 

The aerial sphere is a great act for any venue, whether high or low and is a spectacular centrepiece to add something different to your event! 

Please contact aerialstarfiz@hotmail.com for bookings! 

aerial sphere Starfiz

Silks performance for Hoxton Docks with Aerial Starfiz!

Leyla Rees

Leyla and Katie performed for Petersham Road's private event at The Hoxton Docks. 

The Docks are a beautiful set of warehouses located in the a hidden area of Hoxton behind Kingsland Road. The venue had a rustic chic appearance and had been decorated in a 1920s style with an additional room added into building. 

Leyla and Katie performed ambient aerial hoop as the guests came in on their duo hoop, hung from an industrial style girder on the outside of the building. They then performed dressed as airline pilots in thick sheepskin jackets and helmets on some aerial silks. It was great to have a character to play with and the atmosphere was really special as there were many actors and actresses dancing to the live jazz band, bringing that real Speakeasy feeling to the event. 

Leyla Rees Hoxton docks
starfiz pilot costume

Silks performance at The Monastery in Manchester

Leyla Rees

Leyla had the pleasure of performing alongside Amy Panter in a synchronised silks performance as part of Cirque du sparkle. They performed in epic venue The Monastery in Manchester for Full Circle Events.  They performed a routine tightly choreographed with drops and lots of flexible positions to Lorde's track TEAM.  They wore white shiny catsuits which matched perfectly to their very white silks. 

The venue was beautifully decorated and the team were fantastic to work with. Thanks to Lilli and everyone at Full Circle Events for such a lovely evening! 

full circle amy stand.jpg

Lab time - TRAILS - FILM by Leyla Rees

Leyla Rees

Leyla was extremely excited to be awarded some LABTIME  funding from the National Centre of Circus Arts in London. She had written an application to make a art film and  was awarded 4 days of space in The Creation Studio in Hoxton. She worked with Ella Robson Guilfoyle to bring her concepts into a reality through movement. They worked together to choreograph Leyla in a solo piece with movement on the floor and on a single aerial hoop.  It was a fantastic opportunity for Leyla to get back into her practice of working in a processed and layered way, drawing on her training at Central St Martin's School of Art and Design.  Leyla also worked with Fionn Guilfoyle who filmed the entire piece. The piece is currently in edit now, and without giving away any of the concepts here is a tiny piece of behind the scenes footage. 

Leyla cannot wait to see the final result! 

A huge thank you to everyone involved... 

Metta theatre for loan of the lights 

National Centre of Circus Arts.

Mark Rees 

Ella Robson Guilfoyle 

Fionn Guilfoyle 

Liz Wickham




Neverland Show for the Dream performance

Leyla Rees

Leyla dances in Episodes....

Leyla Rees

Leyla featured as an Isis Wing dancer alongside Tink on La Luna for The Dream Performance. They were both in the reunion scene with David Schwimmer and Matt LeBlanc in Episodes. Here is the clip below.  Can you catch Leyla flapping her wings in a very tight space in the scene?!

Exciting new aerial sphere footage... coming soon!

Leyla Rees

Leyla and Katie filmed some footage of their unique aerial equipment the aerial sphere in Brighton with the very talented Leonora Londsdale  directing. Starfiz filmed their act in the Brighton Dome along with some dance sequences. Some of the footage will be used as part of a film being made for Brighton Fringe Festival 2015.  Here are some behind the scenes shots! We can't wait to see all the footage! Thank you to everybody involved, especially Clare Anderson for doing our rigging. 

Sphere rehearsal BF.jpg