Aerial Sphere

Aerial Sphere is a unique aerial prop, and is stunning to watch. Aerial sphere is performed by award winning aerialists, Starfiz aerial duo, Leyla Rees and Katie Hardwick. It can be performed in low venues or with the assistance of a motor at a larger height. Aerial Sphere is perfect for a centrepiece for a larger event, in smaller intimate venues to show off the dance like qualities of the performers with their beautiful flexibility  and flowing hair or as part of a larger show. Aerial sphere includes toes hangs, duo hand to hand moves and a dangerous neck hang. 


Photography by Matilda Temperley



Leyla has developed her own style on aerial sphere in a fast paced spinning act on this unique piece of equipment.  The act shows off her flexibility and organic movement style as she dances through the air whilst spinning ferociously. 

It is the perfect centrepiece for corporate events, theatre, cabaret or film. 

The aerial sphere can be performed at a lower height where the performers leave and spin off the floor which is perfect for more intimate venues or at a higher height with a motor or counterweight system.

See technical requirements and frequently asked questions here. 

Photography by Mark Griffith and filming by Zoe Brodie Jones



Aerial sphere is a hypnotising unique act created and performed by Starfiz aerial duo. It was recently featured as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival trailer.  It is the perfect centrepiece for corporate events, theatre, cabaret or film.