Aerial Silks

Leyla specialises in aerial silk performances. She can provide solo silks acts showing flexibility and strength, duo silk acts demonstrating synchronicity and flair or larger group shows. Leyla strives to create aerial silks acts the are elegant, breathtaking and full of large exciting, daring drops. Leyla has pre existing acts with themes such as Flower duet Classical silks, 1920s Great Gatsby Flapper silks acts, Moulin Rouge silks acts, Glamorous silks, Monochrome, Frozen themed, Kill Bill and many more. Leyla has performed at Weddings, openings, for TV , Film, live events, Music videos and much more. Leyla can provide bespoke, music, choreography and costumes to fit any theme or event. Follow Leyla on instagram, twitter and her blog for her latest news and performances. 


Leyla Rees silks Skyfall .JPG

A solo silks performance can be a stunning centrepiece for an event, show, festival or product launch. The silk act consists or breathtaking drops and displays of flexibility, tightly choreographed to your choice of music. 

Leyla is happy to adapt music, choreography and costume to suit your theme or event. 

Please look at Technical and F.A.Q. 


Aerial Starfiz provide tightly choreographed silks performances with over fifteen years experience of working together. Their acts consist of exciting drops juxtaposed with elegant poses. Pre exisitng act themes are: The Great Gatsby 1920's, Classical, Eastern style, Glamour & glitz, Moulin Rouge, 1960 style and Traditional cirque. 


Aerial Starfiz can provide beautiful aerial artistry for screen, photography and live events, they are experienced it meeting a brief and working to illustrate a clients vision as a duo act. 

Providing choreographed aerial performances with multiple performers in pre existing venues or site specific work on silks, hoop or harness.  Please find examples in the showreel below.  Or if you would have something more specific in mind, contact Leyla for bespoke performances for your theme or event.