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Leyla specialises in aerial silk performances. She can provide solo silks acts showing flexibility and strength, duo silk acts demonstrating synchronicity and flair or larger group shows. Leyla strives to create aerial silks acts the are elegant, breathtaking and full of large exciting, daring drops. Leyla has pre existing acts with themes such as Flower duet Classical silks, 1920s Great Gatsby Flapper silks acts, Moulin Rouge silks acts, Glamorous silks, Monochrome, Frozen themed, Kill Bill and many more. Leyla has performed at Weddings, openings, for TV , Film, live events, Music videos and much more. Leyla can provide bespoke, music, choreography and costumes to fit any theme or event. Follow Leyla on instagram, twitter and her blog for her latest news and performances. 

Leyla Rees is an professional aerial performer and artist.

She provides unique aerial performance worldwide .


Leyla is an International circus artist who specialises in aerial acrobatic performance, dance & choreography.  Working in film, stage and live events providing daring, exciting and high flying performances.  Previous clients include, The Royal Variety Show London,Dove, Lululemon,  Sky TV, Hoover, Nike Paris, The RoundhouseLondon,  Sheraton Hua Hin Thailand,  Mix Nutx productions Barbados and many more.

Leyla can provide aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial sphere, spinning silks, harness,  aerial bartending, hammock or silk loops and trapeze for solo, duo or group acts.  She also can create bespoke performances and choreography or movement direction for film and live events. 

Please get in touch, for prices and availability. For technical requirements and F.A.Q please look here.

"After the curtain came down everyone stood and watched the artists who were mesmerising. I can’t believe they dangled 114m up. So brave!"

Emma MT, Interior & Event Stylist

DeLonghi Launch at The Orbit


Unique aerial apparatus designed by Jonathan Graham.


Leyla's unique Aerial Sphere routine; suspended in mid-air on a unique, twisted-metal frame, all while spinning round at dizzying speeds. In this act Leyla fuses her 15 years of performance as an aerialist and contemporary dancer into something fresh and beautiful.





Aerial silks or tissue are the perfect addition to an event or show combing breathtaking drops with beautiful elegant flexibility and musicality. Silks can be performed as a one off act of as ambient sets.  Leyla is happy to create bespoke choreography and costume to fit your brief. Please get in touch if you have any questions.  Below are examples of solo, duo and group acts.

A solo silks performance can be a stunning centrepiece for an event, show, festival or product launch. The silk act consists or breathtaking drops and displays of flexibility, tightly choreographed to your choice of music. 

Leyla is happy to adapt music, choreography and costume to suit your theme or event. 

Please look at Technical and F.A.Q. 



Leyla's aerial hoop act shows off her flexibility and organic movement style as she dances through the air with a constantly rotating hoop. Her solo hoop act draws on her dance background to weave a fluid and and exciting performance.

Aerial hoop is a very versatile act which can be used in lower venues as well as those with heights. Using ferocious spins with classical positions it is a timeless act for any event or show. Synchronised aerial hoop acts are available with one or more performers or duo hoop. For more information please look at Technical and F.A.Q.  



"Leyla Rees and Katie Hardwick make an attractive, perfectly synchronised pair on silks"

- The Stage

"Aerial silks performers Starfiz got the show on the road with a Moulin Rouge routine that left the audience gasping as they plunged to the floor, tied in red silk knots"

- The Blackpool Gazette

International aerial acrobats providing stunning circus acts for corporate events, bespoke wedding entertainment, and speciality acts for television, film, stage or large scale commissions. 

Aerial Starfiz provide tightly choreographed silks performances with over fifteen years experience of working together. Their acts consist of exciting drops juxtaposed with elegant poses. Pre exisitng act themes are: The Great Gatsby 1920's, Classical, Eastern style, Glamour & glitz, Moulin Rouge, 1960 style and Traditional cirque. 

Based in London.

Aerial Starfiz can provide beautiful aerial artistry for screen, photography and live events, they are experienced it meeting a brief and working to illustrate a clients vision as a duo act. 

For more information please contact Leyla or take a look at Starfiz' complete range of aerial acts.




Leyla works using a  single or a two point harness, statically or dynamically as  well as wall running and static line work for live performance and film.

Leyla has worked with choreographer Lindsay Butcher as part of  Exhibition Road Show, performing a complex aerial choreography outdoors on giant columns for the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and DREAM (Di Robson Events and Arts Management) . She has also toured with Scarabeus Aerial Theatre with the production "Love is in the Air,'  performing counterweight harness statically and dynamically.